Muğla White Marble

Mugla White Marble is a member of ISKAYA Ins. A.S ( Construction Inc. CO) companies group, and it is providing service in marble sector since its establisment. Today, it is sustaining its production and sales activities at highest level in terms of marble production, high stock factory and machinery and equipment park.

Mugla White Marble Company is being the leader of its sector in which it operates by a reliable service comprehension.


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Mugla White Marble

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What You Wonder?

In the industrial sense, any kind of stone that can be cut and polished is accepted as marble. Regardless of the type and content of the stone, it is enough to accept the stone as marble if it is obtained large-sized , get cut and get polished. Among these, rocks derived from magma such as granite, diabase, leucite syenite, phanolite and serpentines are also accepted as marble.

In recent years, white marble groups have come to the fore all over the world. The selection of white tones without veins can find a huge place for themselves in large projects. In many parts of the Turkey , there are many marble quarries with veined and veinless. Mugla white marble is extracted from the marble quarries around Mugla Province and smal amount of gray smoky veins are naturally found in it. Marbles with dense gray veins find buyers at low prices.